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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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more about the man killed onboard.((steve/fsc))he has been identified at 39 year-old william sachs goldman a professer at the university of san francisco.two children..and a woman were also injured.((pam)) kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke to a man who tried to help the victims.. moments after the crash. they were headed to a water park in san jose, according to airport employees.but they never made it.the pilot - 38 year old william sachs goldman of san francisco died in the crash.a woman and a little girl were airlifted to a hospital.. while a little boy was taken by ambulance. witnesses describe the aftermath.robert castillo/witness: when we got there, the pilot had been ejected from the airplane. the little girl was unconscious and we were able to remove the top of the airplane because it was broken by cutting with knives, cut the seat belt off the little girl, was able to take her out with her car seat and put her on the ground away from the plane because of the smell of fuel and we were able to pull the seat forward, cut the little boy out.people on scene say the boy, walked off the plane and appeared to be fine.and the woman was
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conscious but injured.robert castillo/witness:i was talking to her to make sure she stayed conscious and with us. we couldn't get her out because the pilot seat was on top of her, the four of us we couldn't pull it up. the firemen got here and put a neckbrace and a backbaord, they slid her up adn got her out.the cirrus sr-22 took off from sonoma skypark runway around 12:45 in the afternoon.. and crashed about about a thousand feet southwest on private property. witnesses say in the minute before the crash they heard unusual sputtering then saw the plane glide down.robert castillo/witness:at that point i heard a pop and i saw what i now learned is a parachute deployed from the back. it slowed the airport down. at that point the airplane went into the ground nose first. i've never seen anything like that and i have two daughters so seeing the little girl was tough.reporting in sonoma, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news. ((steve)) the faa arrived on scene earlier this afternoon.the cause of the plane crash is still under investigation.
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new tonight at eleven... take a look at this.that's a lamborgini engulfed in flames at a gas station in redwood city.a kron 4 viewer sent us this video. it happened around 8-30 tonight... you can see how intense the fire is.we are told the driver got out of the high -priced vehicle, then a fire started under the car.the viewer who sent us this says... he called 9-1-1, and says the driver was not injured. (grant) another big story we're traking: the murder trial in the kate steinle case starts tomorrow. this is the first part of the murder trial... jury selection will follow... 54-year-old juan francisco lopez-sanchez has pleaded not guilty to second degree murder. in july of 20-15 he was in the country illegally after previously being deported to mexico five times. his attorney says he áaccidentially fired a gun he found under a bench on pier 14. steinle, a 32 year old living in san francisco, was killed as she stood with her dad. president trump has
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repeatedly used the steinle case as a way to champion his crime and immigration crackdown. and last month, the house of representatievs passed kate's law...which would go after people who come back to the u-s after being deported. we'll be following this murder trial every step of the way. ((steve)) disturbing allegations of child molestation at a concord happened while a young girl was washing clothes with her grandmother.((pam)) as kron 4's ella sogomonian explains... surveillance video helped police catch the suspect. coin laundry customers and employees in concord were shocked to learn a man was accused of molesting a child as he did his laundry on tuesday.sot: sara rodriguez, 17 year laundromat employee// "i was shown a photo but i've never seen him here before." sara rodriguez says in her 17 years of working at the laundromat she's never seen the suspect before. 60-year-old jose chavez was arrested hours after the victim's grandmother called
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police.sot: sara rodriguez, 17 year laundromat employee//"in all the time i've worked here nothing like this has happened so it surprised me. this person is sick or something because i can't understand how he did something so horrible here."surveillence cameras captured footage of chavez interacting with the grandmother and the little girl. sot: steve bergstad, coin laundry owner// he was saying that the machine ate his money and from what i understand that he couldn't write so talked her into going to find a piece of paper and then kept as close to the little girl as he could." concord police issued a "be on the lookout "to all officers using the footage .a few hours later chavez was arrested at a nearby plaza.sot: corporal summer galer, concord police department// "through investigative leads and surveillance footage we identified 60yearold jose chavez of concord and arrested him later that day."sot: steve bergstad, coin laundry owner// ""it feels great i have a young daughter myself so i'm very happy to help and get somebody off the streets that's a don't want him around here obviously." ((steve))now to a story that everyone is talking about...a disgusting scene on highway
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101 in oregon. a truck hauling over 75-hundred pounds of live hagfish also known as slime eels... overturned and turned the whole area into a slimy mess. police say the flat bed detached from the truck and flew across the highway causing a chain reaction crash... you can see the damaged cars covered in the gooey mess... the fire department had to use a bulldozer to clear the eels from from the highway... police say when the hagfish become stressed, they secrete a slime which turns into foam... the slime eels were going to be shipped to korea to eat... ((pam)) it is day three of a four- day ban ... on entering the water.. that's after a shark attack earlier this week in santa cruz. the city has threatened to issue fines for as much as $200- dollars.((steve)) as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, no fines have been issued, despite the fact that surfers
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are ignoring the order. kevin maclean is one of several dozen surfers who are defying a city order to stay out of the water after a shark attacked a kayaker on tuesday. kevin maclean/surfer"....youre always looking, maybe a little more than usual but i'm not going to stay out of the water, that's for sure..."i followed maclean, as he couldn't wait to catch a few waves this afternoon, as he jumped into the water at steamers lane and joined others who don't seem to be worried about sharks.kevin maclean/surfer".....there are a lot of people out there so we're always watching out for each other so if somebody sees something weird they will let everybody know..."signs like this are now posted along a mile stretch either side of steamers after a great white shark is thought to have attacked a kayack just beyond the kelp line here. its rider was unhurt. macleanthinks it was a case of mistaken identity.kevin maclean/surfer "....they jus show up and then they disappear, they usually don't hang around unless you
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are spear fishing or there's blood in the water..."surfing since he was three years old, maclean says he is keeping his eyes open out there nonetheless. he understands why the city is urging cautuon, even if he doesnt agree with it. "'s like risk mangement, if the sharks are jumping out of the water and taking people down you don't want to be out there, other than that, they're always there, tghey luive there..."in santa cruz rob fladeboe kron 4 news kevin maclean/surfer"'s like risk management, if the sharks are jumping ot of the water and taking eople down you don't go out there, but other than that, theyre always sata cruz rob fladeboe kron 4 news ((pam))the weekend is almost here... and it's going to be a scorcher in parts of the bay area.((steve)) meteorologist brittney shipp is back with your complete forecast.
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little change in overall conditions expected today with mostly sunny skies away
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from the coast and seasonable high temperatures. a warming trend is expected to begin on friday with very warm to hot conditions returning to inland areas over the weekend. some cooling then appears in store for the first part of next week.
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♪[ music ] the mom trapped on an overheated plane for two hours. her son in distress. >> we have an incident with shortness of breath. >> what the terrified mom is telling "inside edition" today. >> the plane was an oven with wings. >> then, first lady in red. >> president trump in crisis mode as melania charms paris. >> and bloody bill murray. did he slice open ace hand at the espy awards, opening a bottle of champagne? >> he had blood running down his hand. >> plus, the pregnant tv anchor woman. fat shamed. now she's fighting back. >> it really got to me, and i hated that


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